Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Wall (William Farmiloe)

One element I liked about the old blog was my Wednesday Wall posts. They give me a chance to get my frustrations out and maybe even find someone else who has hit the same exact walls as I have. I Google these peoples' names often and have alerts set up for their names, hopefully one or two of my cousins do too. This Wednesday Wall post is dedicated to my 6th great-grandfather, William Farmiloe.

I know diddly about William. I mean nothing. Well, that's a slight exaggeration. I know his name is William, he lived in England, and he had a son named John.

William appears on his son John's 29 Oct 1865 death record.
John Farmiloe death record. 29 Oct 1865, Charlestown MA.
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He appears with his...wait, nope. No wife. She's "Unkn." So there's that.

I can't tell you much about William, but I can tell you about his son John and his grandsons.

William's son John was born abt 1786 in Gloucestershire, England. He married Ann White, I'm not sure when but I assume at least before the mid-1820s. They had 3 sons, William (b. 1826), George H (b. 1829), and Edwin F (b. 1830). The family left England and came to Boston MA in 1845. Later that year the oldest son William passed away in Charlestown MA at the young age of 19 from "fever."

George (my 4th great-grandfather) went on to marry Mary S Leet (Also spelled Leight) in 1848 and had 3 children with her, George H, Mary Anne, and Georgianna (my 3rd great-grandmother).

Edwin married Catharine (Kate) Callahan in 1851. They had 3 children, William H, Louise, and Edwin J.

In 1861 at the start of the Civil War, both George and Edwin enlisted in the military for the north.

George was killed in action at the battle of The Wilderness on 6 May 1864.

Edwin survived the war and passed away on 16 Jan 1877 in Everett MA from pneumonia.

That's the Farmiloes in a nutshell. Maybe you're related to one of them and came to my blog through your research. In that case, can you help a cousin out? Or are you also stuck banging your head against the giant brick wall named William Farmiloe? If so, maybe together we can finally figure out who this guy was and maybe even get back a couple more generations of Farmiloes.

*The Farmiloe surname is spelled in a variety of ways, among them are Farmley, Farmilo, Farmlo, Farmlow, or Farmilow. Just wanted to throw those in there for the search engines.

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